Our Process

Execution.  Redefined.
Unless you’re a bank or a law firm, you’re core business is probably NOT executing capital transactions….it’s serving your customers.  As our client, we will help you do that. 

Pacific Advisors’ consultants are senior-level, dedicated transaction experts delivering our service at the time and place you need it most.  Some clients look to us for “surge capacity” during a time-consuming M&A process.  Others use us as an on-demand Corporate Development department, or to add bench strength.  Still others leverage Pacific Advisors to serve as outsourced General Counsel.
We are lawyers, but we’re not a law firm.
Pacific Advisors does not function like a law firm…and that’s just the way we want it.  If you have a great outside counsel – that’s perfect….we prefer working alongside strong collegues, not replacing them.  And by working with them – focusing outside counsel on the highest-value legal and risk management tasks - we save our clients money and increase the speed and quality of the transaction.  

Outside professional services that are too big, not relevantly experienced and/or not closely managed, can cost the client dearly.  And not just financially.  
Deals have Drama.  Deals are Dynamic.  
Meeting an ever-changing demand requires agility and adaptability.  Pacific Advisors’ approach has the advantage of being structured and adaptable to nearly any transaction type, based on a company’s existing internal and external resources.  We structure the right talent team to “surround the deal”…we then lead that team through transaction, remaining vigilant to insure the service and source always flange up with the need.

PA brings skill and experience to deliver client results with tremendous cost-efficiency.  By leveraging deep experience and a very practical, business-oriented approach to resolving (or preventing) problems, PA maximizes the efficiency of a client’s existing resources through thoughtful, hands-on management of scope, fees and process, allowing the client to leverage the highest value of their time. 

Silicon Valley Office:
7375 Wildflower Lane
Cupertino, CA 95014
(650) 714-2510
Bend Oregon Office:
20022 Tumalo Road
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 848-8484
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